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 Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS

A collection of 11 shades of the most vibrant
colors imaginable. Vivids can be combined
with more conventional colors to provide an
array of stunning color effects. Vivids are the
longest-lasting colors of their type available

Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS area a demi
permanent hair color, that can be applied
directly to dry hair and requires no developer
to be mixed with it. ChromaSilk VIVIDS can be
intermixed to create multiple shades.



Pravana ChromaSilk NEONS

Introducing 5 new shockingly electric colors to
Pravana's VIVIDS line! They are the most vibrant
and long lastingcolors available!These amped up
versions of VIVIDS are sure to make a bold

Mix with VIVIDS to create unique, fluorescent colors!!


Pravana ChromaSilk PASTELS
Whether it’s all-over or peek-a-boo streaks, 
PRAVANA’s long-lasting ChromaSilk VIVIDS
formula is now available in 5 delicate pastel shades: 
Luscious Lavender, Too Cute Coral, Blissful Blue,
Mystical Mint, and Pretty in Pink.

Pastels are also a demi permanent hair color and
can bemixed to make your perfect shade.

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